Palu, (PR-IAIN) - A total of 100 of Palu State Islamic Institute (IAIN) students, Central Sulawesi, who received educational assistance through the bidik misi program were trained to write scientific papers, starting on April 5th -8th 2018.

Official represented the Rector of IAIN Palu Prof. Dr. H. Sagaf S Pettalongi M.Pd, Vice Rector for Administration, Finance and Planning Dr. H. Kamaruddin said the training of scientific papers writing that is dedicated to the recipient of bidik misi is a follow-up of quality and academic competitiveness improvement.

Yes. "Yes, the improvement of quality and power is one of the efforts of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, which must be followed up by all units under it, so IAIN Palu implements these efforts to realize the ideals of the Ministry of Religious Affairs," said Dr. H Kamaruddin, in Palu , Thursday.

Training of scientific papers writing for the recipients of bidikmisi raised the theme of creating qualified and competitive students.

Kamaruddin said all State Islamic Religious Colleges (PTKIN) under the auspices of the Ministry of Religious Affairs including IAIN Palu is required to develop the university, encouraging academic community that is oriented to improve quality and competitiveness.

Therefore, he considers, it is important to train the ability of students especially recipient of bidikmisi, in writing scientific papers (papers, skripsi, thesis).

It is one of efforts to improve student achievement, in line with the improvement of competitive skills and ability.

"IAIN wishes students to excel academically, and high GPA should also be accompanied by skills and ability, one of them is writing scientific papers. So, not just high IPK or cum laude predicate, but have low skills and competitiveness. "He said.

Kamaruddin expressed that there are at least three aspects that should be guidelines in the writing of scientific papers. First, the main / focus of discussion. Second, technical and reference writing and third, reference used.   

"What is discussed in scientific work is prioritized new things, not long and repeated discussions, then writing and reference guidelines," he explained.

In addition to these efforts, he explained, IAIN Palu also seeks to improve the institutional governance. In particular, increasing the accreditation of all study programs, from C to B and B to A.