Fakultas syariah & ekonomi islam


To educate and produce Islamic Law Scholars and Sharia Scholars of noble, creative academic and/or professional skills in the field of sharia sciences.

Gradation Qualification:

To be able to maintain duties in the field of Islamic Sharia professionally and to be able to solve problems developed in society in accordance with Islamic law; and to be proactive in the application of Islamic Law (Sharia).

website: http://fsei.iainpalu.ac.id

Dean Dr. H. Hilal Malarangan, M.H.I.
Vice Dean I Gani Jumat, S.Ag., M.Ag.
Vice Dean II Drs. Sapruddin, M.H.I.
Vice Dean III Dr. Ermawati, S.Ag., M.Ag.


Study program Degree Head Of Study Program Accreditation
Islamic Economic Law Undergraduate   B
Comparison of Madhhab and Laws Undergraduate   B
Ahwal Syaksiyah Undergraduate   B
Sharia Economics Undergraduate   C
Sharia Banking Undergraduate   New study program
Islamic State Law Undergraduate   New study program

Sharia Economics

Vision: To be superior in the study of Sharia Economics and aligned with State Islamic Religious College (PTKIN) in 2035.


  1. To educate students to be able and skilled to apply the values of sharia economy in society.
  2. To conduct scientific researches in the field of sharia economy that continue growing in the community.
  3. To cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the soul of students to be able to exist and excel in the global business competition.
  4. To cooperate with relevant institutions in organizing training and practicum in the field of people's economy.

Aim :

  1. To produce Scholars of Islamic Economics who are capable and expert in implementing the theory and values of sharia economy in society.
  2. To produce Scholars of Islamic Economics who are professional, innovative and able to develop sharia business in the midst of modern business competition.
  3. To produce Scholars of Islamic Economics who become role models in the community.