Palu, 23/8 (Public Relations of IAIN Palu) - Postgraduate Program of State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi, targets 63 master students at graduation on September 2018.

“We are trying to get the 63 master candidates to close the exam on August 31, 2018," said Deputy Director of the IAIN Palu Postgraduate Program, Dr. Adam, regarding the target number of postgraduate graduation participants on Thursday.

Dr. Adam said that out of the total number of students there were 8 students who had completed the closing exam for the second degree level.

He explained, one of the test obstacles was the examiners team that had other activities.

"The lecturers have other activities, such as testing undergraduate students and other activities, this can hamper the process and scheduling of the exam," Adam said.

However, he said that he was trying to complete the test process on August 31.

Wednesday 23/8 morning, two Islamic Education Study Program students, Aulia Fitri and Meli, are facing examiners in the Thesis Results Seminar examination process to obtain a Master of Education degree.

Aulia Fitri discussed "The Concept of Spiritual Education in the Surah Ibrahim Verses 35 - 41 According to Muhammad Quriash Shihab (Study of Interpretation of Almighty), as the title of Thesis.

Aulia faces the examiner, Dr. Abdul Gani Friday S.Ag MAg, and Dr. Tamrin M.Ag. Chief Examiner, Dr. Malkan M.Ag and Dr. Rusdin M.Fil.I.

While Meli, discussed the 'character education values in the Surah Luqman (Study of Interpretation of Al-Misbah).

Meli must be able to maintain her scientific work in front of the examiners: Prof. Dr. Rusli M.Soc Sc. Dr. H. Kamaruddin M.Ag as the counselor I, Dr. Rusdin S.Ag M.Phil.I as Secretary / Supervisor II, Dr. H. Muchlis Najamuddin MA as the main examiner I, and Dr. Abdul Gafur S.Pd M.Pd as the main examiner II.