Palu, 24/8 (IAIN Palu Public Relations) - Introduction to Campus Academic Culture (PBAK) for new students of the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi, took place without hazing practices and the like.

"There should be no practices of intimidation, violence and hazing in academic recognition to new students," said Rector of IAIN Palu Prof. Dr. H. Sagaf S Pettalongi, M.Pd, related to the introduction of campus academic culture, in Palu, Friday.

About 1,730 IAIN Palu new students attended the introduction of academic culture, August 24-30 2018 on the campus.

Prof. Sagaf said, PBAK is one of the instruments and conditions for introducing the academic culture of higher education to the community, especially the younger generation who have just finished their education in high school level.

Therefore, PBAK 2018 must be purely academic, to form new students with character.

"Aside from being an introduction to the academic and cultural colleges, PBAK is also an initial introduction to character values so students can know and follow carefully the academic process of the undergraduate level," said Prof. Sagaf.

Character and academic values, he said, must be the foundation of students in undergoing academic processes.

The Professor of Education Management stated that the learning activities passed by students while still in high school were different from the college level.

"Therefore we expect PBAK to be a media to transfer knowledge to new students, so they can find out how to actually study at the college level," he said.

Approximately 1,730 participants will take part in pre-PBAK starting on Friday 24 - Saturday 25 August. Then PBAK runs from August 27-30.

The committee involved a variety of resource persons, especially the IAIN Palu leadership elements who would present the material to the new students in the PBAK.

In addition, PBAK will also be filled with the introduction of student activities units and intra-campus organizations. This is a form of UKM socialization and campaign to recruit prospective members