Jakarta (Ministry Of Religious Affair)- General director of islamic education will again hold Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS). This annual event to XVIII will take place in Palu city of Central Sulawesi in mid September.

"This year's AICIS is important to review the latest developments of Islam in the global scene that is constantly changing due to the various dynamics that occur in the economic, socio-political, and technological progress," said Arskal Salim, Director of Islamic Higher Education in Jakarta, Thursday (26/04 ).

Arskal said, AICIS XVIII in Palu has the theme "Islam in Globalizing World: Text, Knowledge and Practice". A number of speakers will be present, both from within and abroad. They are expected to convey ideas and ideas about the position of Islam in the midst of a vortex attract multilateral interests of various parties, both global and local actors.

"The issue of post Islamism and radicalism remains a focus in addition to interesting topics on democracy, human rights and good governance in some aspects of Islamic teaching and practice in Indonesia and abroad," Arskal added.

According Arskal, AICIS XVIII in Palu will not just a mere intellectual silaturrahmi arena. Moreover, AICIS will be a vehicle for interaction of scholars to exchange ideas, networking for research and publication collaboration both journal articles and scientific books / monographs.

With the theme "Islam in Globalizing World: Text, Knowledge and Practice", AICIS 2018 raised 10 sub-themes, namely:

1. The Quran, hadith and Comprehensive Interpretation

2. Islamic Education, Culture and Knowledge Production

3. Muslim Mobilities, Migration and Diaspora

4. Authors, Tesxts and Islamic Thougth

5. Piety, Popular Islamism and Local Politics

6. Agency, Power, Populism and Local Politics

7. Islamic Economics, AEC and SDGs

8. Interrelegious Relations and Minority Affairs

9. Science and Technology in Islamic Universities

10. Islamic Visual Arts, Architecture and Performance.