Riau, - Director of Islamic Religious Higher Education (PTKI) Ministry of Religious Affairs Arskal Salim GP stated the purpose of the implementation of Wirakarya camp is to increase brotherhood between people.

"PW PTK activities in Indonesia XIV 2018 aims to increase the brotherhood of fellow Muslims (ukhuwah Islamiyah), fraternal brotherhood (ukhuwah wathaniyah) and brotherhood among human beings (ukhuwah basyariyah) among Scouts of PTK and society, Third, Digging environmental potentials, cultural and educational tourism (eco-culture tourism) in the region so that it can be mobilized to strengthen regional and rural development, "Arskal Salim GP said in a written statement on Thursday.

In addition, he mentioned, the Wirakarya camp also aims to form the character of the Scout Movement Members who have the soul of leadership, responsibility and dedication to science, so as to maximize its role in society.

In his written statement, Arskal Salim describes, there are two major activities in PW PTK XIV Indonesia Year 2018. First, Camp Activities at Sultan Syarif Kasim Base Camp, Riau, with morning and evening ceremony. Daily activities include worship, sports, camp craft, religious tourism, education, industry, and history. Social Media Seminar by CEO Grab and Bukalapak. In addition, Photography Engineering Workshops, Introduction of Social Media, Workshop Making Blog and Vlog and training of Riau food making.

Second. Bhakti work (homestay) includes physical and non-physical bhakti. Physical activities in homestay include making rides of local tourism, making a tourist park, making a garden outbound children arena, making children's educational parks, making a corat coret park, tahsinul mosque (mosque painting, mosque calligraphy writing). Cleanliness of the mosque environment. While Bhakti Non-Physical includes guidance of al-Qur'an education park, formation and guidance of tourism conscious group, fostering of village economy.

n addition, there are supporting activities of PTK PW namely, opening and closing ceremonies, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika ceremony, devile and ethno carnival, enterpreneurs advisory, tourism activities, including religious tourism, education, industry and historical tourism. Archipelago culinary festival activities, cultural arts performances, cultural festivals in the village host and meetings of rectors and vice chancellors in the field of cooperation and student affairs to discuss important matters related to scouting development in PTKIN.

PW PTK XIV activities in Indonesia 2018 held on May 3-10 2018 followed by 1,500 Pandega Scouts from 56 State Islamic Religious College (PTKIN) in Indonesia, with details of 17 UIN, 37 IAIN and 4 STAIN. Also followed by Non-Muslim Religious College, PTKIS and Scouts of Foreign Students. While guided by 122 companions, 56 leaders of the contingent and official observers 112 people as well as other components that helped enliven the camp. Located at Campus Campus UIN Suska Riau as the main camp, and Village Location Bakti Scout is at (1). Desa Alam Panjang Kecamatan Tambang Kabupaten Kampar; (2). Aur Sati Village, Kampar District; (3). Okura Village, Rumbai Pesisir District, Pekanbaru City; and (4). Limau Manis Village, Kampar District.

Campus Wirakarya Religious Higher Education (PW PTK) XIV Year 2018 has a distingsi and ekselensi with the theme "Village Community Empowerment Through Eco Cultural Tourism Development". Environment, Culture and Tourism will be three serious concerns, especially in the scout work. In each village the location of devotion, will be developed the potential of educational tourism by taking into account the social-cultural community who worked together among Scout members with the community.

State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi, became one of the participants at the Riau wirakarya camp. Student Activity Unit (UKM) Racana Karamatul Husna (Boy Scouts) got the trust to carry the name of IAIN Palu at the wirakarya camp.