Palu, (PR- IAIN) - The Guard, Security and Government Team (TP4D) of High Court of Central Sulawesi escorted the renovation of the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) building in 2018.

The escort ensures and ensures that the implementation of the utilization of the budget intended for the renovation of IAIN Palu rector building does not reap the problem in the future.

"Looking at budget allocations and materials that are not too big in renovation activities, we are optimistic this activity does not reap the problem," said member TP4D, Armada SH, MH, at IAIN Palu on Thursday.

However, Armada requested that the executor of renovation activities or the winning bidders should pay attention to the quality and quality of the work.

He also mentioned that the preparatory of pre construction meeting is an integral part of the renovation of IAIN Palu rectorate building.

Because, he explained, the agreements that were built in the construction preparation meetings were carried out in the implementation of the renovation of IAIN Palu rectorate building.

"Therefore, the preparation meeting of construction implementation must be included with the signing of the minutes, involving all parties," he said.

Related to that, the official representing the Rector of IAIN Palu Prof. Dr. H. Sagaf S Pettalongi MPd, Vice Rector for Academic and Institution Development Dr. Abidin Djafar stated that the renovation of the rectorate building must run according to the law.

"Rector wants and emphasizes that the renovation must be in accordance with the existing laws and regulations," Abidin Djafar said.

Prof. Sagaf Pettalongi, called Abidin, wants the renovation to be completed and used prior to the implementation of Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) XVIII in Palu, IAIN as the host of the organizer.

AICIS is planned to be attended by 3,000 people including speakers from inside and outside the country who fill various discussion categories.

This activity is planned to be held on 17 - 20 September 2018, opened by President Joko Widodo.

Therefore, he requested that all components involved in the renovation of IAIN Palu Rectorate work in accordance with their respective duties.

"All components or parties involved to work according to tasks and functions," he pleaded.